Maintainer Guide for Jenkins X

Everything a Jenkins X maintainer should know about

This document outlines some of the responsibilities expected from you as a maintainer.

Requirements of becoming a maintainer

If you are a long time Jenkins X contributor, you should consider becoming a maintainer.

  • Active contributions in Jenkins X community for atleast 6 months
    • Pull requests making changes to code or documentation
    • Review PRs from new contributors
    • Answer questions from the community in the slack channel
    • Answer questions in github issues
  • Approval from the current Jenkins X maintainers/TOC (Technical Oversight Committee)

Once you are ready to become a maintainer, open a PR to the jx-community repository.


A core maintainer is expected to have access to the following resources

  • Member role in all Jenkins X github org
  • Jenkins X infra hosted in GCP (jenkins-x-bdd and jenkinsxio projects)
  • 1password account to access Jenkins X related secrets
  • Jenkins X zoom account
  • Jenkins X youtube channel
  • Jenkins X UI password
  • Jenkins X algolia account (used as the search engine in the Jenkins X website)


It’s expected that a core maintainer will make Jenkins X more stable and feature packed, while engaging with the community.

Community effort

  • Uphold the CDF Code of Conduct
  • Answer questions on slack (jenkins-x-user and jenkins-x-dev)
  • Try to attend all community office hour meetings
  • Attend the CDF TOC meetings from time to time
  • Join one of the CDF SIGs, and give a short status update during the office hours.

Triage issues

  • Assign appropriate labels to issues
  • (If possible) assign the right person to those issues
  • Close issues which are resolved or too old to be worked on (may be v2 related)
  • Provide feedback in github issues

PR Review

Jenkins X has a lot of repositories, and new contributions from a very active community. It’s the responsibilities of a maintainer to ensure we do timely PR reviews.

It’s desirable to follow the conventions outlined here

Infra/plumbing issues

  • Ensure flaky tests are identified and fixed. This will ensure that new features get released timely
  • Close old PRs which cannot be merged anymore.
  • Keep all helm charts in the jx3-version up to date.
  • Regularly upgrade the hugo image used in the jx-docs repository