1. Overview

This document outlines how to use Tekton Dashboard instead of jx-pipelines-visualizer.

1.1 Motivation

The idea is to have less to maintain inside the jx3 ecosystem, step by step, starting with the Dashboard I personnaly like their Dashboard, and want to use as most as possible Tekton features

1.2 Goal

The goal is that instead of using jx-pipelines-visualizer with his own log persistency, we can use Tekton Dashboard with Tekton Results in order to persist Logs.

1.3 Requirements

Kubernetes version: 1.22.x
Tekton Pipeline version: 0.42.0

1.4 Screenshot of Tekton Dashboard


2. Design proposal

2.1 How to have Tekton Dashboard with Logs persistency

2.2 How to configure Lighthouse to use Tekton Dashboard ?

3. Affected repositories

As outlined above the following repositories need changes:

4. Current limitation of using Tekton Dashboard

If we want to Rerun a Tekton PipelineRuns through the Tekton Dashboard instead of using jx pipeline start, this will only create a PipelineRun without creating the associated Jx3 PipelineActivity. Then the associated Github Status normally updated by Lighthouse won’t be at all here because Lighthouse is only watching for PipelineActivity and not PipelineRun.