Problem: be able to trigger pipelines in remote Jenkins servers

We want to make it easy to reuse existing remote Jenkins servers with Jenkins X / tekton so that folks can work with either 100% cloud native tekton based automated CI/CD from Jenkins X or reuse existing Jenkins pipelines with remote Jenkins servers.

Over time we can then bring more value to folks using a mixture of Jenkins + Jenkins X. e.g.


Check out the docs for using the PoC and using it with Jenkins X and helm 3

In addition there is a small CLI / container image jenkins-x-labs/trigger-pipeline which can be invoked from inside any kind of CI / pipeline to trigger a pipeline in a remote Jenkins server.

This allows a jenkins pipeline to be invoked in:

from anywhere in the cloud native ecosystem:

Open Issues

There are a number of remaining problems that trigger-pipeline does not solve by itself:

Discovering the Jenkins Server + API token

To work trigger-pipeline needs to know where the Jenkins server is and how to talk to it. So it needs a URL and an API Token.

There’s no standard way to define that nor any tooling for configuring that.

So the trigger-pipeline CLI defines a number of commands to register Jenkins servers along with the username + API token to use.

Over time we should be able to create some Core capability to automatically populate the Jenkins server registry.

Setting up the pipelines

Having a trigger-pipeline binary is one thing but then creating a custom jenkins-x.yml pipeline file with details of how to find the Jenkins URL + the Secret and setting up webhooks is another issue.

Currently trigger-pipeline is not very developer friendly and will require some wizards that can automate the creation of trigger-pipeline based jenkins-x.yml.


Jenkins X used to install a Jenkins Server into Kubernetes for me. How do I install Jenkins now?

Jenkins is to Jenkins X as Java is to Javascript - all they share is a name. You don’t need Jenkins installed to use Jenkins X. That said, you may want to install Jenkins in the same Kubernetes cluster as Jenkins X. Here’s some links that explain how you can do it:

As well as some commercial offerings: