Consolidate Apps and Addons

Consolidate Apps and Addons

This proposal tries to conslidate Apps and Addons inside Jenkins X to avoid confusion


Two years ago we added the addon framework to Jenkins X as a way of extending the Jenkins X platform to provide additional capabilities.

We created Addons

Addons were either generic helm charts or a combination of helm chart plus some custom go code to install and integrate them with the Jenkins X platform.

At this point we referred to apps as the charts developers created. e.g. the output of jx create quickstart was an app and jx get apps would list the quickstarts folks had added to Staging or Production.

We created Apps

We wanted to avoid having to change the jx binary to add a new extension to the Jenkins X platform; so we then introduced the Apps framework which provided a more generic way of adding charts chatting to Jenkins X such that anybody could create an app without having to modify the underlying jx code.


That’s now left us with confusing over what an App is.

This is made worse by having support for apps and addons in the current CLI.

Developers like to talk about the apps they are developing.


Going forward lets refer to everything as an App and deprecate the use of the word Addon.

Then all of these things would be an App:

  • system charts like knative, gloo, nginx-controller, flagger, prometheus, external-dns, cert-manager
  • instantiations of Quickstarts or repositories that folks import

Status: Proposed


We would be able to reuse the current jx add app and jx delete app commands and folks could reuse them to add any app to any environment dev, Staging or Production.

One possible confusion is between jx promote and jx add app. In many ways promote is for promoting a different version to a different environment; jx add app adds an app to the current environment (usually Dev by default).