Getting jx 3.x alpha

How to download the jx 3.x alpha

To try out the 3.x Alpha of Jenkins X you will need the 3.x version of the jx binary.

You can download 3.x of jx from here:

It’s basically a drop in alternative to the usual 2.x version of jx.


  • main development has been done using GitHub and Google Container Engine (GKE) but OSS contributions have been helping to validate and fix issues using other platforms.

How jx 3.x is built

We are trying to take a microservices approach to creating improvements to Jenkins X with 3.x.

We are trying to keep 2.x of Jenkins X stable; but provide a place where we can rapidly innovate on 3.x.

So the main jx CLI tool for 3.x is defined at jenkins-x/jx-cli which is a small core using lots of seperate plugin binaries, components and libraraies which allows us to go faster improving 3.x, refactoring code, improving quality and code coverage while removing technical debt - without needing to touch 2.x.

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