Getting Started

Getting started with Jenkins and Jenkins X interop

Make sure you have got the jx 3.x binary before proceeding.

Adding Jenkins Servers into Jenkins X

You can use Jenkins X to install one or more Jenkins servers by adding the following YAML to your helmfile.yaml

- chart: jenkinsci/jenkins
  name: jenkins
  namespace: jx

You can create as many Jenkins servers you wish, give them any release name value you wish and put them in whatever namespaces you wish.

You can also add customize the charts by adding a values.yaml file via the values: entry in the helmfile to configure whatever you need (e.g. Jenkins plugins and jobs etc).

Registering external Jenkins Servers

You can register any Jenkins servers you wish to the Jenkins Server Registry via the jx jenkins add command:

jx jenkins add 

If you already know the name, URL, username and API Token then you can use:

jx jenkins add -u --username myuser

Removing Jenkins Servers

You can remove a Jenkins server via:

jx jenkins remove

Note that this only removes it from the registry; it doesn’t affect the actual Jenkins Server.

Listing the available Jenkins Servers

To list the servers you can use try:

jx jenkins list

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