Working with apps

Jenkins X 3.x supports the helmfile.yaml file format from the helmfile project that can be used to define the helm charts you wish to install and their namespace.

You can then add any charts you wish:

- chart: jetstack/cert-manager 
- chart: flagger/flagger

The version properties of the charts are resolved during deployment via the version stream.

Customising charts

You can add custom values.yaml files for a chart by adding the file to values/mychart/values.yaml. This file will be used in the environments pipeline to generate the correct kubernetes resources.

e.g. to customise a chart such as nginx-ingress you can create a file at values/nginx-ingress/values.yaml. (There’s no need to include the chart repository prefix in the path).

You can also use a file called values.yaml.gotmpl if you wish to use go templating of the values file. For example this lets you reference properties from the jx-requirements.yml file via expressions like {{ .Values.jxRequirements.ingress.domain }}. You can also reference the shared secrets in your values.yaml.gotmpl file via {{ .Values.secrets.pipelineUser.username }}.

To see an example of this in action check out the apps/jenkins-x/tekton/values.yaml.gotmpl file in the version stream.

Note that many apps are already configured to make use of the jx-requirements.yml settings via the version stream - but you are free to add your own custom configuration.

Last modified September 21, 2020: release 0.0.1895 (3145738)