Getting Started

Getting started with Jenkins X 3.x

Jenkins X 3.x alpha includes a new install approach which uses tools like helm 3, kpt, and kustomize to maintain Kubernetes YAML. This is one of many improvements over Jenkins X 2.

Jenkins X 3.x alpha has a simplified architecture and reduced complexity compared to Jenkins X 2. You can read an overview of Jenkins X 3.x alpha here.

Lets go

The new jx CLI uses a plugin system to add subcommands when working with Jenkins X.

Once you have the new jx CLI, download the base set of subcommand plugins for admistrating and working with Jenkins X:

jx upgrade plugins

Pick your initial git repository

Before you chose which Git template you start with, note that part of removing complexity out of Jenkins X 3.x alpha has meant relying on other solutions where appropriate. Here’s a quick explanation of our recommendations for setting up Cloud Infrastructure and for Secrets Management with Jenkins X 3:

  • Cloud Infrastructure - Jenkins X requires a Kubernetes cluster, storage, networking, DNS, IAM bindings, all things that we refer to as cloud resources. We recommend you use Terraform, or optionally Terrafrom Cloud, to create and manage your cloud resources for Jenkins X 3.x alpha. To help you set up your Cloud Infrastructure, we have created quickstarts and guides.

  • Secrets Management - Jenkins X requires a number of secrets, some are generated and some are provided at installation by the user. These need to be managed and there are a number of solutions that help. Jenkins X prefers to use managed cloud services where possible. Google Secrets manager is a good example where secrets are stored out of the cluster and syncronsied in cluster using external secrets. Where managed cloud services are not available or desired, Jenkins X can also use Vault.

We have a number of quickstart git repositories that are GitHub Repository templates that make it easy to start when installing Jenkins X 3.x.

Google Cloud

Setup Jenkins X on GKE


Setup Jenkins X on EKS on AWS


Setup Jenkins X on your laptop

On Premise

Setup Jenkins X on vanilla Kubernetes

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