Create Camel

How to create a new Apache Camel microservice and import it into Jenkins X

If you want to create a new Spring Boot based microservice using Apache Camel you can use the jx create camel command.

jx create camel

You are then prompted for the project name.

If you want you can specify this on the command line:

jx create camel -a myapp

What happens when you create a camel microservice

Once you have chosen the project to create and given it a name the following is automated for you:

  • creates a new camel microservice in a sub directory
  • add your source code into a git repository
  • create a remote git repository on a git service, such as GitHub
  • push your code to the remote git service
  • adds default files:
    • Dockerfile to build your application as a docker image
    • Jenkinsfile to implement the CI / CD pipeline
    • helm chart to run your application inside Kubernetes
  • register a webhook on the remote git repository to your teams Jenkins
  • add the git repository to your teams Jenkins
  • trigger the first pipeline

Last modified April 7, 2020: release 0.0.1630 (615e14e)