Working with Jenkins X from your IDE

As developers we often spend lots of time in our IDE of choice working on code. Jenkins X is all about helping developers deliver business value faster through software; so we want to make Jenkins X super easy to work with from inside your IDE.

So we have IDE plugins for working with Jenkins X

VS Code

VS Code is a popular open source IDE from Microsoft.

We’ve created the vscode-jx-tools extension for VS Code.

You can install this into VS Code via the Extensions window, searching for jx should find the extension.

After its installed hit Reload and you should be good to go.

If you then expand the JENKINS X navigation window you should see UI that updates in real time as you create projects, as Pull Requests are raised or code is merged to master.


  • browse all the pipelines in your team with real time updates as release or pull request pipelines start/stop.
  • open pipeline build logs inside the VS Code Terminal
  • browse the Jenkins pipeline page, git repository, build logs or applications easily
    • right click on the Jenkins X explorer
    • start/stop pipelines too!
  • open DevPods with source code synchronisation in a single command in VS Code for developing inside the cloud with the same container images and pod templates as the CI/CD pipelines


We have a plugin for IntelliJ and the associated IDEs like WebStorm, GoLand, PyCharm et al

You can find the Jenkins X plugin for IntelliJ here

Web based IDE

To help you work in the cloud we also support a Web Based IDE using the Theia IDE.

To get started with Theia see how to create a DevPod with an embedded Web IDE

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