Boot Questions

Questions on using ‘jx boot’

For more detail check out how to use jx boot.

How do I upgrade boot?

If you are using jx boot you can enable automatic upgrades or manually trigger them yourself.

If anything ever goes wrong (e.g. your cluster, namespace or tekton gets deleted), you can always re-run jx boot on your laptop to restore your cluster.

How do I add more resources?

Add more resources (e.g. Ingress, ConfigMap, Secret) to your development environment by adding YAML files to the boot env/templates directory.

How do I add new Environments?

Add a new SourceRepository and Environment resource to the env/templates folder for each new environment you want tto create. We’ve only added dev, staging, production currently.

From your running cluster you can always grab the staging SourceRepository and Environment resource via the following (where XXX is the name of the staging repository returned via kubectl get sr):

kubectl get env staging -oyaml > env/templates/myenv.yaml
kubectl get sr XXX -oyaml > env/templates/myenv-sr.yaml

then modify the YAML to suit, changing the names of the resources to avoid clashing with your staging repository.

How to to manage SourceRepository resources?

See how to update your boot configuration with the latest SourceRepository resources

How do I add more charts to Jenkins X?

It depends on which namespace you want the charts to be installed.

If its in the development environment (the jx namespace by default) then env/requirements.yaml is where to add the chart and for a chart foo you can add env/foo/values.yaml to configure it. (or env/foo/values.tmpl.yaml if you want to use some templating of the values.yaml)

Though if you want our chart to be in another namespace then we use the convention of adding a folder in the system directory in the boot configuration (e.g. like we do for ingress, cert manager, velero, service mesh etc). So make a new folder in system and add the jx step helm apply step in the pipeline in jenkins-x.yml like we do for cert-manager, nginx, velero etc.

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