Upgrading Jenkins X

Instructions on upgrading your Jenkins X installation

Keeping your Jenkins X environment updated can be done by command line using the jx upgrade command. Here are the most common resources that can be upgraded. A comprehensive list of upgradeable resources are available at the Jenkins X documentation site for the command.

Upgrading the CLI binary

Upgrade your Jenkins X command-line by opening a terminal and running jx to upgrade the binary :

$ jx upgrade cli

Without options, the command upgrades to the latest version of the jx binary released. If you want to install a certain version of the Jenkins X command-line binaries, you can add an option specifying the particular version of jx:

$ jx upgrade cli -v 2.0.46

Upgrading the platform

Upgrade your Jenkins X platform and any associated packages by using jx to upgrade the resource:

$ jx upgrade platform

The platform specified in the command is Jenkins, the Helm package manager and its associated ChartMuseum repository service, Nexus artifact repository, and Monocular for browsing and searching chart apps. Any ChartMuseum server associated with the cluster (such as the one hosted by the Jenkins X project) is also referenced by the platform.

Upgrading apps

You can upgrade any Jenkins X apps installed during the Jenkins X cluster creation process by using jx to upgrade the resource:

$ jx upgrade apps

The apps specified includes all installed apps in your kubernetes cluster if upgrades are available. If you want to upgrade only specific apps, you can use the jx upgrade app command and the specified app:

jx upgrade app cb-app-slack

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