Getting jxl

Getting the jxl binary so you can try the Labs features

Before you start using the Labs features you need to get the Labs Command Line tool called jxl.

You can download jxl from here:

Its basically a drop in alternative to the usual jx that has all of the new Labs features enabled.

e.g. jxl assumes:

  • helm 3 is used
  • we use lighthouse and tekton for CI/CD


  • main development has been done using GitHub and Google Container Engine (GKE) but OSS contributions have been helping to validate and fix issues using other platforms.

How jxl is built

We are trying to take a microservices approach to creating improvements to Jenkins X inside the Labs.

We are trying to keep Jenkins X stable; but provide a place where we can rapidly innovate with new experiments, improvements and enhancements.

So rather than forking the Jenkins X repositories or complicating the jx codebase too much our current strategy is:

  • create new git repositories and new CLI binaries for new features. e.g. the new boot improvements CLI is in a git repository jenkins-x-labs/helmboot/
  • the jenkins-x-labs/jxl repository then creates a jx like CLI called jxl by importing these microservices. Currently this is static compilation but over time we’d like this to use more binary extensions.
  • we then reuse code from jenkins-x/jx to fill in more details and commands

We are actually using a long term feature branch, the multicluster branch of jenkins-x/jx currently in Labs. As the Accelerate book describes very clearly; long term feature branches are not a habit of high performing team teams - so this is bad!

So our intention is to try get changes from that branch either merged upstream or the code changed in that branch moved into separate microservices we can use; so that eventually we can reuse upstream jenkins-x/jx and avoid the long term feature branch.

Last modified April 8, 2020: release 0.0.1634 (a950dfc)