How to create a kubernetes cluster on Amazon (AWS)?

There are a few ways to setup clusters on Amazon:

Using EKS and eksctl

If you wish to use EKS on AWS then the preferred tool is eksctl.

First you will need to install the eksctl CLI.

Then follow the instructions to create an EKS cluster with eksctl.

Using EC2 and kops

If you wish to use EC2 and kops then you will need to download a kops release. Then follow the instructions to create a cluster on AWS with kops.

Using the jx CLI

Ensure you have installed the jx CLI then for kops use:

jx create cluster aws --skip-installation

or for EKS use:

jx create cluster eks --skip-installation

Create EKS cluster with Terraform

How to setup EKS cluster and other requirements in AWS with Terraform and install Jenkins X on it

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