Cloud Providers

Using Boot on different kubernetes providers

Jenkins X is designed to work on any kubernetes cluster; whether on premise, hybrid or public clouds.

However if you try doing any significant work with Kubernetes particularly with things like storage, networking, ingress, TLS, certificates, DNS, secrets - you will find that things can be different on different cloud providers.

This section of the documentation will try guide you through the best way to use Jenkins X on different cloud providers.

Cloud Provider Support Maturity

The following table lists the maturity of Jenkins X with boot on the different cloud providers.

Cloud Provider Maturity
Google Cloud GA
Azure Beta
On Premise Beta (*) note that on premise clusters differ wildly in capabilities and configuration


In the above we are using the following terms:

  • GA means generally available. We know this works and have automated testing to verify it works.
  • Beta its available and we have seen it work but we don’t have any automated tests. If you would like to help provide automated testing on this platform then please join our community
  • Alpha its experimental and please help us improve it


Using Boot on Google Cloud (GCP)


Using Boot on Amazon (AWS)

On Premise

Using Boot On Premise

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