Getting Started

How to get up and running with Jenkins X

Latest Jenkins X

There are a few other ways for users to trial and run Jenkins X in production that have been developed from the Jenkins X open source project:

Stable distribution

Jenkins X as a service

Step by Step Guide

There are many guides available that can take you through nuances for your platform if you search the web. This guide takes you through setting up a cluster on GKE and using GitHub with a custom DNS name.

Setup Jenkins X

How to setup Jenkins X?

Create your first project

Now that you've setup the platform, let's create your first project.

Build, test and preview an app

This walkthrough helps you understand how to build, test and preview your app in various built-in **environments** in Jenkins X

Promotion and Environments

Promote new versions of your application to environments

Demos, talks and blog posts

A list of useful demos, talks and blog posts to continue on your getting started journey.

What's next?

What to do after Jenkins X is installed on a Kubernetes cluster

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