Getting Started

How to get up and running with Jenkins X

Below you find the list of steps to get started with the OSS version of Jenkins X. There are other ways to trial and run Jenkins X in production that have been developed from the Jenkins X open source project. You can read more about these under Jenkins X OSS alternatives.

Let’s start with setting up Jenkins X.


How to setup Jenkins X?

Create your first project

Now that you’ve setup the platform, let’s create your first project.

Jenkins X OSS alternatives

Alternatives to Jenkins X OSS

Build, test and preview an app

This walkthrough helps you understand how to build, test and preview your app in various built-in environments in Jenkins X

Promotion and Environments

Promote new versions of your application to environments

Demos, talks and blog posts

A list of useful demos, talks and blog posts to continue on your getting started journey.

What's next?

What to do after Jenkins X is installed on a Kubernetes cluster

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