Alternatives to Jenkins X OSS

CloudBees Jenkins X Distribution

Harness the power of Cloud Native CI/CD on Kubernetes. Now available on Amazon EKS.

Free forever, Battle tested, Monthly stable predictable releases

Free Download

Stable, predictable releases

Every release comes battle tested and fully vetted by the Jenkins X-perts to make your life easier.

Smart configurations upfront

We’ve chosen the parts of Jenkins X that work best together to save you time.

Stress free Kubernetes

Everything you need to leverage Kubernetes comes ready to go out of the box so you can focus energy developing on Kubernetes.




Google GKE and Amazon EKS

Provision Jenkins X Clusters in AWS and GCP Kubernetes Native Services.

Git Providers (more soon)

GitHub, GitHub Enterprise coming soon.


Kick the tires, without writing code.

Deploy a sample app in the language of your preference. No need to write a pipeline.


HashiCorp Vault

You get HashiCorp Vault support as first-class citizen.


CloudBees CI-CD powered by Jenkins X

CloudBees CI-CD powered by Jenkins X - is CI/CD as a service (SaaS) so you don't need to worry about setting up and managing Jenkins X.
A Preview Experience of the new Jenkins X SaaS is currently available.

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