jx step git fork-and-clone

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jx step git fork-and-clone

Forks and clones a git repo


This pipeline step will clone a git repo, creating a fork if required. The fork is created if the owner of the repo is not the current git user (and that forking the git repo is allowed).

jx step git fork-and-clone [flags]


  # Fork and clone the jx repo
  jx step git fork-and-clone https://github.com/jenkins-x/jx.git
  # Duplicate and clone the jx repo. This will create a new repo and mirror the contents of the source repo into,
  # but it won't mark it as a fork in the git provider
  jx step git fork-and-clone https://github.com/jenkins-x/jx.git --duplicate


      --base string     The base ref to start from (default "master")
      --dir string      The directory in which the git repo is checked out, by default the working directory
  -h, --help            help for fork-and-clone
      --print-out-dir   prints the directory the fork has been cloned to on stdout

Options inherited from parent commands

  -b, --batch-mode   Runs in batch mode without prompting for user input
      --verbose      Enables verbose output. The environment variable JX_LOG_LEVEL has precedence over this flag and allows setting the logging level to any value of: panic, fatal, error, warn, info, debug, trace


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