jx init

jx init

Init Jenkins X


This command initializes the connected Kubernetes cluster for Jenkins X platform installation

jx init [flags]


  jx init


      --advanced-mode                   Advanced install options. This will prompt for advanced install options
      --domain string                   Domain to expose ingress endpoints.  Example: jenkinsx.io
      --draft-client-only               Only install draft client
      --external-dns                    Installs external-dns into the cluster. ExternalDNS manages service DNS records for your cluster, providing you've setup your domain record
      --external-ip string              The external IP used to access ingress endpoints from outside the Kubernetes cluster. For bare metal on premise clusters this is often the IP of the Kubernetes master. For cloud installations this is often the external IP of the ingress LoadBalancer.
      --global-tiller                   Whether or not to use a cluster global tiller (default true)
      --helm-client-only                Only install helm client
      --helm3                           Use helm3 to install Jenkins X which does not use Tiller
  -h, --help                            help for init
      --ingress-cluster-role string     The cluster role for the Ingress controller (default "cluster-admin")
      --ingress-deployment string       The name of the Ingress controller Deployment (default "jxing-nginx-ingress-controller")
      --ingress-namespace string        The namespace for the Ingress controller (default "kube-system")
      --ingress-service string          The name of the Ingress controller Service (default "jxing-nginx-ingress-controller")
      --namespace string                The namespace the Jenkins X platform should be installed into (default "jx")
      --no-tiller                       Whether to disable the use of tiller with helm. If disabled we use 'helm template' to generate the YAML from helm charts then we use 'kubectl apply' to install it to avoid using tiller completely. (default true)
      --on-premise                      If installing on an on premise cluster then lets default the 'external-ip' to be the Kubernetes master IP address
      --provider string                 Cloud service providing the Kubernetes cluster.  Supported providers: aks, alibaba, aws, eks, gke, icp, iks, jx-infra, kubernetes, minikube, minishift, oke, openshift, pks
      --recreate-existing-draft-repos   Delete existing helm repos used by Jenkins X under ~/draft/packs
      --remote-tiller                   If enabled and we are using tiller for helm then run tiller remotely in the kubernetes cluster. Otherwise we run the tiller process locally. (default true)
      --skip-cluster-role               Don't enable cluster admin role for user
      --skip-ingress                    Skips the installation of ingress controller. Note that a ingress controller must already be installed into the cluster in order for the installation to succeed
      --skip-setup-tiller               Don't setup the Helm Tiller service - lets use whatever tiller is already setup for us.
      --tiller-cluster-role string      The cluster role for Helm's tiller (default "cluster-admin")
      --tiller-namespace string         The namespace for the Tiller when using a global tiller (default "kube-system")
      --user-cluster-role string        The cluster role for the current user to be able to administer helm (default "cluster-admin")
      --username string                 The Kubernetes username used to initialise helm. Usually your email address for your Kubernetes account

Options inherited from parent commands

  -b, --batch-mode   Runs in batch mode without prompting for user input (default true)
      --verbose      Enables verbose output


  • jx - jx is a command line tool for working with Jenkins X
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