jx get quickstartlocations

jx get quickstartlocations

Display one or more Quickstart Locations


Display one or more Quickstart Locations for the current Team.

For more documentation see: https://jenkins-x.io/developing/create-quickstart/#customising-your-teams-quickstarts

jx get quickstartlocations [flags]


  # List all the quickstart locations
  jx get quickstartlocations
  # List all the quickstart locations via an alias
  jx get qsloc


  -h, --help            help for quickstartlocations
  -o, --output string   The output format such as 'yaml'

Options inherited from parent commands

      --advanced-mode             Advanced install options. This will prompt for advanced install options
  -b, --batch-mode                Runs in batch mode without prompting for user input (default true)
      --install-dependencies      Enables automatic dependencies installation when required
      --no-brew                   Disables brew package manager on MacOS when installing binary dependencies
      --skip-auth-secrets-merge   Skips merging the secrets from local files with the secrets from Kubernetes cluster
      --verbose                   Enables verbose output


  • jx get - Display one or more resources
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