jx delete preview

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jx delete preview

Deletes a preview environment


Deletes a preview environment

jx delete preview [flags]


  -c, --cluster string                    The Kubernetes cluster for the Environment. If blank and a namespace is specified assumes the current cluster
      --dev-namespace string              The Developer namespace where the preview command should run
      --dir string                        The source directory used to detect the git source URL and reference
  -h, --help                              help for preview
  -l, --label string                      The Environment label which is a descriptive string like 'Production' or 'Staging'
  -n, --name string                       The Environment resource name. Must follow the Kubernetes name conventions like Services, Namespaces
      --namespace string                  The Kubernetes namespace for the Environment
      --no-comment                        Disables commenting on the Pull Request after preview is created.
      --post-preview-job-timeout string   The duration before we consider the post preview Jobs failed (default "2h")
      --post-preview-poll-time string     The amount of time between polls for the post preview Job status (default "10s")
      --pr string                         The Pull Request Name (e.g. 'PR-23' or just '23'
      --pr-url string                     The Pull Request URL
      --preview-health-timeout string     The amount of time to wait for the preview application to become healthy (default "5m")
      --skip-availability-check           Disables the mandatory availability check.
      --source-ref string                 The source code git ref (branch/sha)
  -s, --source-url string                 The source code git URL

Options inherited from parent commands

  -b, --batch-mode   Runs in batch mode without prompting for user input (default true)
      --verbose      Enables verbose output. The environment variable JX_LOG_LEVEL has precedence over this flag and allows setting the logging level to any value of: panic, fatal, error, warn, info, debug, trace


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